Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Uphill Struggle continues

Well I am still struggling with my TdF project the Swallowtail shawl. In the spirit of the competition I refuse to give up but with only 14 rows to go the problems refuse to go away. I can check my stitch count before starting a row to ensure I am on track and by the time I end the row (or usually only get to the halfway marker) I have too few (or too many stitches). What happened to them? I finally finished all the Lily of the Valley borders by sheer persistence. When I concentrated really hard I got a rythm going and I didn't need to frog the second border (just the odd bit of tinking).

However in frustration I started an Aviators Cap as some straightforward relaxing knitting.

And...MY RAVELRY INVITE CAME!!! Lorena was right it is a time sink, I could have spent all night on it. I have started to use my notebook, am nowhere near photoing any of my stash but I am actually beginning to feel a bit organised. Maybe listing all my WIPs will encourage me to finish them. I wonder if they allow unlimited WIPs? Of course looking at all the patterns only encourages me to start more.

Conrad came out of hospital after his third chemo, the end is in sight now. He has finished the new Harry Potter and is sending me a copy since their 2 person household has 3 copies! Having read a spoiler (which may not be true) that HG dies I asked if anyone dies (without wanting to know who) and he said the book was a bloodbath. Makes it sound more like Resevoir Dogs than a childrens book. (I don't really know if RD was a bloodbath since I couldn't watch beyond the first 10 min. I think I am alone of everyone I know in not liking Tarantino's stuff). Well anyway it means my cheapskate ways paid off and I will not have to wait too long before reading it.

I have been trying to put stuff in my Etsy shop but a series of thunderstorms shut me down and then I realised my photos were a bit blurry so I will have to reshoot. I have some really soft laceweight to put on so will post when I've done it. For the time being I am going to put everything in the one shop - Tri'Coterie since it seems a bit pushy to have a shop called Tricot Treat Shop when there is already a Tricot Treat. Incidentally I discovered the other Tricot Treat is on Ravelry and I sent her a message.


Blogger ambermoggie said...

what are you on ravwelry?
also you need a link to your etsy shop:)
Glad Conrad is on his last bout of chemo. Sending healing thoughts. A good time to finish with lammas

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