Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Couple of Quandries

Well Conrad is back in hospital. He had to have transfusions for his extremely low platelet count and then he got an infection (at least his temperature went up and so they assume he has). Although it is much nicer being at home he is being very philosophical about it and taking the long view. i.e. in a few months he will be finished with it all.

I have a couple of quandries and could do with some advice.

Quandry 1

I have stuff to put up for sale on Etsy. I have 2 shops Tri'Coterie which I use for commercial yarn (Colinette and Recycled Sari Silk) and Tricot Treat Shop which I was going to use for handmade stuff. When I set up Tricot Treat Shop some time ago there was already a shop called just Tricot Treat, which was sad but it seemed to be unused so I thought what the hell (I was also feeling pretty unimaginative at the time) and called mine Tricot Treat Shop.

Now I actually want to use the thing I find that Tricot Treat is in action and selling cool hand dyed yarn and stuff. So I don't know what to do. It is all so confusing especially as the one thing you cannot change in Etsy is the name of your shop. Maybe I should just stick everything in Tri'Coterie.

What do you think?

Quandry 2

It is real odd reading foreign blogs (non-european) and hearing about hot summer weather. We are having rain, rain, wind, rain, thunder, rain - you get the idea.

Along with all of this comes slugs.

Now I like to try and see the bright side whenever I can and although I will do my best to rid myself of the pesky devils I keep wondering if they have some redeeming feature. Now snails you can eat (not that I think I would but I am living in France here) but it is really stretching the imagination to imagine a slug recipe.

They are terrorising me. Eating whatever I plant. Sneaking up on the cat food at night. Leaving ominous silver trails for me to find in the morning (I do not feel inclined to walk barefoot in the dark at the moment). When I find them they are not titchy little things but well fed, looking like they could understudy for Jabba the Hut.

So can anyone tell me if slugs have any redeeming qualities?


Anonymous emmms said...

You could try leaving a barrier of salt (hee!) around your plants to dissuade them? Can you eat slugs? (Would you want to?) If you eat fish, they might be good for fishing, as bait?

I'm not sure.

Fingers crossed for Conrad -- it's remarkable that he's being so cool about it all, but it can't be easy.

4:47 PM  
Blogger ambermoggie said...

never found them good for anything yet sadly. Hope Conrad is ok, sending positive healing thoughts.
I'd use your tricot shop anyways Maylin your stuff is excellent and not like the other place?
BTW parcel should be there any day

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Gareth said...

Slugs are a plague :-)

Here in Washington State, the native garter snakes like to gobble them up. Maybe there are grass snakes in your neck of the woods that do the same. You can encourage their presence with the right habitat, e.g. planks or boards on the ground that they will nest under.

Some low impact deterrents are beer in low-profile containers, planting Marigolds, or putting a barrier of diatemacious earth around what you want to protect.

If you want to use actual slug bait, cut the top off a soda bottle, then invert it and staple it in place. You can them throw the whole thing away when it's full of dead slugs (gross I know).

Keeping my thoughts positive for Conrad, I'll keep in touch via email.


11:17 PM  
Blogger Lorena said...

Slugs? Ick. No redeeming qualities other than older brothers being able to use them to gross out little sisters.

I'm at a loss for what to tell you about the Etsy store. That is a quandary!

And Conrad is in my thoughts, as are you.

12:30 PM  

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