Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dye-O-Rama Luckout

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I really lucked out with my goodies from Dye-O-Rama Pal
Brooklyn Handspun. She has an online shop with lots of lovelies and sent me this gorgeous yarn (500 yards of it) AND some mouthwatering pink merino with sparklie bits to spin. How great is that?

On the downside still no sign of my June Project Spectrum yarn although I know it was sent weeks ago and my pal is as anxiously awaiting it's arrival as I am. Still it will be such a lovely surprise when it arrives (it will, it will arrive).


Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Maylin,
I am still waiting to hear it has made it to your yurt safe and sound!
Hopefully next week

6:58 PM  

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