Sunday, July 29, 2007


I just realised I had not published the previous post. I think I was waiting for my camera batteries which have still not arrived.

I have done little more on the Swallowtail but count stitches, and get everyone at my knitting group to count them (everyone came up with a different answer - and none of them the right one!) and try to figure out where the missing stitch has gone (or better still have it magically reappear). With only an hour or so to go of the TdF I think I will smudge it and see whether I can finish it today. I will post a picture of it later today just to stay honest - lets hope it is of it blocking (mistakes and all).

I can't do much else as something has happened to my knees that has practically immobilised me. Could it be old age and over exertion? If this is old age it sucks. Plus, surprise, surprise it is raining.


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