Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Animal Stories

I real must try and stay awake long enough to blog every now and then!

Tomorrow I have my sleepover in hospital to try and see what the problem is. So fingers crossed they find something that is easy to remedy.

I meant to post these pictures ages ago.

These are the ducklings born on Easter Day. They were so adorable, but the whole lot kept making a run for it down to the river which was pretty fast flowing and we lost a few.


mum and 2 ducklings

We eventually incarcerated them with the one remaining chicken and now have 2 almost adult ducklings - still no idea of sexes though.


ducks paddling

I love this picture of the 3 angora goats (before clipping) eyeballing the new family. The goats are halfway through clippng at the moment - so a bit of a strange sight.


This is the latest addition to the household - Woody. We were on the way to the woods a couple of months ago and saw him wandering around in the road. When Keith opened the landrover door to investigate he jumped in and sat next to him. They haven't been out of each others company since.

He had no collar, tattoo or microchip so pretty soon I think we will have him microchipped and castrated and call him ours.

woody in basket

He is absolutely adorable. So gentle and pleasant natured, not at all yappy. He also learnt pretty quickly (as we did) who is in charge - the cats.


The next addition is hopefuly going to be a brood of chicks in about 3 weeks. The sole chicken has gone all broody, but the silly cluck was just sitting on the dummy egg! I got hold of 6 (hopefully) fertile eggs and she is happily sitting on them now.


Blogger Lorena said...

You have the best life, Maylin! Congrats on all the little animal additions to your family. :-)

And I hope you get that sleep thing figured out soon!

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