Thursday, January 24, 2008

Latest Colinette update - Grab a bargain.

I have just finished updating all of the Colinette Yarn I am clearing. It comes to over 700 skeins. I never knew I had so much.

You are very unlikely to see these prices ever again, certainly not with this much choice. I will probably leave them at this price for 2 weeks then withdraw them as I will be doing a 'Puce de Couturieres'. Until then it will be first come first served.

Check out the updated listing.

Would you like to make one of Colinette’s fabulous Perugino throws but find it a bit beyond your pocket? It is a common chevron stitch in 6 different Colinette Yarns. This will make a large throw or 2 generous sized wraps. In my sale you could pick out your own colours (3 Mohair, 2 Giotto and 1 Tagliatelli) and it will only cost you $57 (or £27.75 or 39.75€). If you are unsure of the pattern ask and I will explain.

What about a Zodiac Wrap. This is made with Firecracker, Silky Chic and Lasso. I don’t personally like lasso but have found a very similar wrap can be made with just Firecracker and Silky Chic. Just knit lengthwise to your desired length in garter or stocking stitch. Knit one row Firecracker followed by 3 rows Silky Chic on 8mm pins (if you use a circular needle you can change ends if the yarn you want to pick up is at the other end). One skein of each makes a very wide scarf – medium wrap. Double the quantities if you want something more substantial. At the prices in my sale this could cost as little as $16 (or £7.70 or 11€). What have you got to lose?

These yarns are so luscious that mixing them gives a sensuous, richly colourful result to anything no matter how simple. These prices are lower than Millshop prices and will not be repeated so grab a bargain while the going is good!

Take me to the bargains.


Blogger ambermoggie said...

What will you do with all the space after the destash:)) Seriously Maylin hope you have a great sale. Is the
Puce de Couturieres' a fleamarket? I used to love the big one in Paris, last time I went many years ago I picked up some Bal a Versailles realyl cheaply. Almost at the last of it now. If you see any let me know please as I can't get it here in UK

9:54 AM  

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