Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colinette Athene and Chrysalis

The main listing of yarns for sale is here along with the shipping information. Or you can skip through the following related posts and it is a little further down the page.

These 2 yarns are now discontinued by Colinette so you wont be able to see them on their website. So I thought I had better show them.

Athene is a mohair mix. 42% mohair, 25% viscose, 25% wool and 8 % nylon. Ravelry has it listed as a Sport weight with 140m to 100g. This was supplied to me on cones but I will be happy to skein or ball off any amount. I have between 600g to 1000g of each of the 5 colours shown.


I put a little of each under the scanner to show each colour. They do however look brighter this way. This $8.50 or 100g.


Chrysalis is a wrapped cotton yarn. The details are on the label.


I have 9 skeins for $9 a skein. This is an exceptional yarn in a gorgeous colourway (Raphael). You are unlikely to see this again and certainly not at this price.



Don't forget all the other yarns - starting as low as $8 - just scroll down.


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Oh b*gger, it's too late to do anything now, but count me in for something tomorrow when I get a chance to look properly. I just noticed the time 1.13 a.m.
a demain...

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