Monday, September 22, 2008

Fruity Days

I spent a lot of yesterday juicing whatever was lying around in the garden (pears and apples), picking blackberries and making jam.

The blackberries have peaked since I was in the UK but there are still plenty around so I have juiced some with brambley apples from a friends tree. Unforunately if I stick to the diet (which I am trying to) I wont be able to sample it for a while.

I have however finished with the grapes and melon only. I lost 6lb in 2 days which is bound to be mostly water and will probably go back on in the next 2 days! Big thrill this morning - I got to have some carrot and apple juice and midmorning I was allowed a yeast drink, but since the only yeast extract I have is marmite (which I thought might be too salty) I substituted miso which just seemed more healthy.


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