Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thanks for all the Feedback

It has been so useful, keep it coming. I definitely have to look at my close up photography. The detailed washing instructions and American needle sizes are really good ideas. I will look at how I can make the postage clearer. Etsy doesn't allow much leeway for grouping countries if you are posting from outside the US. I could really do with a group that says European Union, since that is how postage is categorised here - Domestic, EU, Everywhere Else.

So many good ideas for colours too. I have been wanting to do semi solids or graduated colours and have ideas rattling around my brain. Its nice to know others feel the same. Earth colours too - that is more of a challenge for me since I don't naturally gravitate towards them.

One thing though. does anyone have advice on how to twist skeins so that they look nice and tidy for photographing. I do them over and over and still have to keep turning over to get a neat side. Is there an optimum skein length or number of twists?

So don't stop - lets have more ideas.


Blogger Papillon girl said...

I can't add anything constructive at all - it is all entering the technical domaine for me:) As a non-knitter, but a greedy colour monster I love your photos of skeins as they look almost edible. A good thing to my mind. Anything too perfect would take away the scrummy feel imo...

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