Thursday, July 27, 2006


I has been ages since I was able to get online. I went to the Uk briefly the week before last to help a friend move. I got back in the early hours of Wednesday morning (19th July) the next night we had a tremendous thunderstorm and the telephone lines went out. I had remembered to unplug the computer but not the telephone and when the telephone came to life later the next day the router unfortunately didn't. We have been going through very hot weather lately punctuated with thunder and lightning storms every few days (not always with the much needed rain). My new router arrived yesterday but I wasn't able to connect as it has been thundering for about 18hours since yesterday afternoon and I didn't want to risk it. Well excuses over, I must get some photos sorted out and post details of the wonderful, wonderful parcel I received nearly a week ago from my SP8, I am still drooling over it and showing off to anyone who will listen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jinkies! My package got there fast! Can't wait to see pictures! :-)

- Secret Pal "Selkie"

1:57 AM  

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