Saturday, April 19, 2008

Overstretched memories and mmmmMalibrigo

I seem to have not blogged for ages - well actually I haven't blogged for ages. Lots has happened but I have also slept loads. Seems I may have sleep apnoeia (apnea). I am going for an overnight stay in hospital at the beginning of June for an assessment. I have calcification on my left tendon at the ankle which can be painful (I am having an insert made for my Crocs for this! part heel lift and part shock absorber). I have had flu which seems to linger on my chest. Also I can be a lazy sod.

We have had lots of animal stories and lots of knitting (well some) done but I can't show pictures at the moment, even of the wonderful birthday present from Tutley since my computers memory is overloaded at the moment.

However in a couple of days I will be wending my way to the UK in a van full of yarn to Wonderwool. En route I will be dropping off my computer at my son's in Bristol where it will be having an extra HD and more memory. I had great plans of all the things to get ready for Wonderwool but off course I am running out of time and have to curtail alot of them. I have been dyeing wool and roving like a mad thing though (between naps) though drying everything is somewhat harder and as to winding labelling and pricing - well that is just a bit of a drag.

Yesterday I have received a consignment of Malibrigo worsted and lace so all is not lost and I will be bringing my last remaining Colinette. If you read my blog or are a Raveller ask for a discount - 10% on most things and 25% on the Colinette!

I'm looking forward to meeting online friends in person. I will be away from the stall for a couple of hours Sunday morning though at the Prudence Mapstone workshop.

Oh and I nearly forgot the stall is called Tri'Coterie (a bit of a play on words that is supposed to sound like it is an exclusive group for knitting) and I am in position P2 right near the Cafe, Be seeing you